Adult Bootcamp

Jackson Elite Training Adult Bootcamp is a 30-minute class designed for all ages of 18 and all levels of fitness. Each exercise can be modified to make easier or harder based on your needs. The goal here is to get you moving and feeling GREAT!

Each session we will work to improve the entire body! The total body blast, lower body blast, or upper body blast class will utilize many total body movements to help improve the core, upper body, and lower body strength. We will mix some cardio in on certain days, but the class will improve your endurance as we will be doing intervals throughout each workout.

We offer morning sessions, lunch time sessions, or evening sessions to meet the demands of any busy schedule! Everyone can find 30-mins in their day to support their lifestyle. Health is wealth and if you have good health and wellness you give yourself more options in life!

Each session will be something different to keep the workouts fun, yet challenging to help you burn calories, eliminate nagging pains, and to provide invigorating energy throughout your body!

Below is an example of a JET Adult Total Body Blast Class!

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Work to Improve:

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