High School Program

J.E.T. High School Program

Each session will be geared toward improve the overall athletic development of specific energy systems tailored to meet the need of the athlete. J.E.T. will use the most relevant and effective training methods to date to deliver maximal results for our athletes. Each session will have a different focus to help build the complete athlete to perform at a high level for their sport.


Linear Speed and Technique Mastery: Specialist will help athlete maximize straight ahead speed by improving acceleration and running technique.

Lateral Speed and Agility: Focus will be on changing directions properly while moving laterally. Learning how to control movements will help prevent injury and improve competition speed.

Total Body Strength: Upper body and lower body resistance training along with core training will be performed to improve strength, muscle development, and help prevent injury.

  • Speed/endurance/ agility
  • Coordination/Balance
  • Total Body Strength
  • Running Technique
  • Jump Mechanics
  • Injury Prevention
  • Mobility/flexibility
  • Self-Confidence

Training Program Includes:

  • 2-5 sessions per week
  • Individual progress monitoring
    • (Unique downloadable mobile app for each athlete to track goals, performance, and other measurements)
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • 1 on 1 parent consultation
  • Performance Testing

In order to schedule a free trial session of the J.E.T. program please email shawn@jacksonelitetraining.com, call 616-272-8859, or schedule online with link below.

To schedule a session click here

*3 or more months is required for high school memberships to receive discount pricing and to receive personalized mobile app for individual progress tracking. This allows for athlete to achieve the best results and develop elite habits.

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